Hatti Trading


Hatti works with some amazing producer groups to bring you hand-made, high quality, unique products from Nepal that are fair to all those involved in the production process. We are a BAFTs (British Association of Fairtrade) registered importer and we don't import any goods that do not meet the official criteria to be fair trade.

All our producer groups provide work for highly stigmatised or disadvantaged people in Nepal, be it victims of human trafficking, divorced women, single mothers, the abused or victims of leprosy. They are all made under Fair Trade conditions, so offering a fair wage and decent working conditions. We use natural materials and have sourced locally wherever possible to reduce carbon footprint.

Our products are particularly great at this time of year as we have lots of fantastic gift options and great stocking fillers for both women and children. What more perfect a present for someone who is ethically conscious? So go on; for ladies choose from our great range of leather handbags, cotton, embroidery, recycled silk and felt bags, felt purses, scarves, jewellery, key rings, brooches, hotwater bottle covers... the list goes on. Our beautiful selection of kids' felt bags and purses will put a smile on the face on any child.

A simple decision to buy something here has a direct impact elsewhere, by buying Fair Trade or ethical goods, you can make that impact a positive one, to people, to the environment or to both.

We sell Fair Trade to wholesale customers up and down the country, so if you are looking to see before you buy, click on Where Can I Buy Locally at the top of this page, if you are interested in buying Fair Trade Wholesale please follow the WHOLESALE tab also at the top of this page.


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While Hatti Trading is no longer trading, for some cool bohemian style, ethically sourced festival outfits and clothes, check out Madam Lulu's, who we support wholeheartedly.